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*NEW* Goldn Badger 'GOLDEN TICKET' Gold Panning Paydirt - Nugget Panning Concentrate Bags

*NEW* Goldn Badger 'GOLDEN TICKET' Gold Panning Paydirt - Nugget Panning Concentrate Bags

Goldn Badger

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BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!! For every Goldn Badger 'GOLDEN TICKET' bag you buy, you will receive another for FREE! NO LIMIT!

The Goldn Badger 'Golden Ticket' Quarter - 3 Ounce Gold Nugget can be found inside 1 of the first 50 bags sold. All will make you scream EUREKA, but one will make you feel like Charlie... I Got it, I Got the GOLDEN TICKET


Special, Once a Year Top Secret GOLDN BADGER ' Golden Ticket' ™ - Unsearched Gold Panning Paydirt Concentrate

Look for the MOTHERLODE!! This is not our normal, already super rich Goldn Badger Paydirt. This is a once a year special release gold paydirt.

Buy as many as you want, each tamper proof factory sealed bag is an XL trowel scoop of paydirt - No Quantity Limit, get as many as you like!

Our Goldn Badger 'Golden Ticket' Paydirt ™! Is one of the Richest Paydirts available! Find BIG GOLD such as NUGGETS, PICKERS, flakes, specimens, minerals, fines and flour! 


-Fast Shipping, Lots Of Gold Nuggets & Gold Flakes, 4 Grams Total

-Really Nice Paydirt, Over A Gram Of Gold Panned On The Very First Try

-3 Generations Had Fun Playing With This Dirt, Great Product, Lots Of Gold

-A+ Found 6 Nice Nuggets & Pickers, Best Paydirt I’ve Found

-Very Nice Paydirt, My Husband Found 4 Nuggets



-What is Goldn Badger Paydirt™?

*The Focus of GOLDN BADGER Paydirt is the finding of BIG & Chunky Gold! 

*Gold Paydirt is a geological type of dirt that comes from a natural gold deposit.

*Gold Paydirt is made up of natural & randomly occurring rocks & minerals such as but not limited to: quartz, mica, schist, granite, hematite, magnetite AND gold!


-What will I find inside of your Gold Paydirt?!

*Each purchased unit of Gold Paydirt will contain a varying assortment of rocks & minerals. 

*This is not a chance listing. You will receive actual factory sealed gold paydirt from an active gold mine. Each purchased unit will contain gold found both naturally occurring and gold that has been added to make sure everyone finds gold when used correctly.


-Look for the MOTHERLODE!!

*YES - Just like the old timers, it is always possible to hit the motherlode!

*Look for the Quarter - 3 Ounce Gold Nugget! All bags contain good chunky gold but one will find the golden ticket!

*Lid bustin Golden Ticket search for Quarter Ounce to 3 Ounce Gold Nugget bag 1:50! details are always reflective over an entire production and may be found by all!



*The GOLDN PAYDIRT we offer is mined, created and comes to you directly from hard working U.S. GOLD MINERS!! We work exclusively with Goldn Badger to bring you their best, Rich Gold Paydirt! The Unsearched Gold Paydirt Concentrate comes from a blend of Concentrate & Raw Paydirt from stream deposits known for their large nugget amounts & chunky gold found within the historic Gold-Belt of Virginia. Bigger rocks, minerals & nuggets do slip through!! Added gold comes from active gold mines and claims all over North America. Goldn Badger works directly with the miners to bring you the best around!

*The very first U.S. Gold Rush was located on the east coast and the old timers missed more rocks, minerals & gold imaginable!



Send us a message for a discount!! We never mind helping you out!



Printed Gold Paydirt instruction included with Gold Paydirt. 



*Customer skill method & unsearched gold paydirt deposits determine just how much rocks, minerals & gold you will reveal. 

*There is never any guarantee that the rocks, minerals or gold found within the gold paydirt hold any past, present or future value. Gold Paydirt is strictly for education, hobby and entertainment. Our Gold Paydirt is a Find & Reveal item. Not an item of chance.



-If for any reason you are unhappy with the item, please contact us and give us the opportunity to see how we can make you happy before leaving any harmful, defective feedback or reviews.
-Return policy applies to unopened & unaltered items only. All returned items will be fully inspected upon arrival.

-As with any user result oriented item we can never guarantee that you will report finding a specific amount, size or value of Rock, Minerals or Gold inside. All reported results depend on user skill and may vary because of this.

-Anything that you see in the item photos other than Gold Paydirt is not included. Anything else not included such as stand-alone gold examples in the photos will not be the actual items or quantities received.

-Since gold paydirt comes from outdoor deposits they may contain organic & man-made material such as but not limited to: leaves, roots, lead shot, river glass, road paint & sometimes even critters like bugs.

-Gold Paydirt comes from active waterways such as creeks and rivers. We do our best to dry our Gold Paydirt but sometimes may be received damp or wet.

-Listed total item weights include gold paydirt & packaging.

-We use the United States customary unit system (ounces, pounds, etc..)